Logo Design

One of the services I offer is Logo Design. A logo is a useful way for you to quickly share the message you wish to convey. They are effective and the design process is relatively simple:

  • We hold an initial consultation in which you share your ideas for your message. This might include use of specific images, fonts or colours.
  • I design and offer you a number of different logos based upon the initial consultation. You will either select one of the logos or choose elements from the range of designs to fine-tune a new design. For example, you might like the colour of one design but the image of another.
  • I create a final logo. Your new logo will then be provided to you in whatever file format and sizes you require so that you can use it in a range of different media.

See below for a small selection of logos designed for and used by clients of Charlotte Fox Marketing.

Click on the logos below to view in more detail.

To discuss either revamping an existing logo, or creating a new logo, please contact me via email or mobile.